Up dated 8th November 2011
MBE Consultants in Technical Refurbishment LLP

Unity houses

Their Construction

PRC storey height columns with metal bracing within the cavity and metal joists connected at column joints. PRC columns act as mullions & copper straps tie inner panel to outer PRC  panel on earlier variant.

Later variant has the copper strap fixed to column holding just outer PRC cladding panels.

Causes for concern are where chlorides present in concrete & historical leaking though numerous panel joints causes corrosion of reinforcement & spalling of concrete.

Problems arise if modern EWI fixed just to panels as copper ties corrode & weaken.

Significant steelwork in construction generally in good condition

Typical Early variant

Survey & reports

Work done externally,.If chlorides found in mullions need to  cut into panels to inspect & test columns in cavities & copper ties.

 Cladding system

Typical over-cladding with external wall insulation (EWI)

This completely masks any future structural problems! MBE solution of supplementary structural frames and structural cladding on the later variants allows concrete to be made redundant & notoriously suspect lintels replaced.

Replacement of concrete

With tenants decanted, all concrete is removed and rebuilt in masonry allowing lifestyle additions such as this extension to the small kitchen to be undertaken.

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