Up dated 8th November 2011
MBE Consultants in Technical Refurbishment LLP

NEWS        PRC & Freedom from Fuel Poverty (FFP)




We investigate  and test samples of concrete, identify the problems with the structure

 and have produced solutions that can  require various materials and costs

for the common types of non traditional houses & steel houses.


Under the FFP program we have undertaken designs & insulation & cladding for hard to heat homes,

BISF, Cornish, Natural stone, solid wall, bungalow & houses as well as mobile homes



Pilot schemes using techniques to implement the Green Deal

Works done on hard to heat homes that included steel houses,mobile homes,solid wall houses & bungalows



Private houses were given external wall insulation and a  render finish to meet current Building Regs & Planning requirements.


The non traditional constructions required structural strengthening using  the supports for the new skin that was applied.


Internal insulation was applied on some dwellings


All works undertaken with owners in place. 


Freedom from Fuel Poverty

Natural Stone finish 


This  owner has a new well insulated facade with a render finish. The structure is enhanced underneath with our patented timber structural frames. Works were carried out with the owner in occupation..