Up dated 2nd June 2011
MBE Consultants in Technical Refurbishment LLP



We have detailed knowledge  of the following:-




No Fines






Insitu concrete houses

Over 50 different types

The market was dominated by 2 main contractors building No Fines concrete or solid concrete cavity wall constructed out of a mixture of aggregates.

Some over 80 years old, the aggregate, reinforcement & lack of it & water ingress may have taken its toll

Precast Concrete Houses

More than 140 different types

We have details of these named types that sometimes includes original construction drawings .

We have data on their location & some we have historic structural survey results.

From a visual inspection, we can often identify the type of maintenance & repairs they have undergone since their construction.

We can then advise on what repairs may be needed to overcome any inherent defects

Metal Framed Houses

More than 100 different types

These are notoriously difficult to identify unless they have a manufacturers name or the LA have kept good records.

We have details of these from the original manufacturer's marketing to technical publications.


We have structurally renovated BISF to take the  new loads from insulation & cladding


These rusted clips are the only fixing to hold the existing render onto the original steel frame for last 60 years

Our new steel supports takes the load of the new  significant depth of insulation  to meet new  Regs & cladding to these BISF houses