Up dated 8th November 2011
MBE Consultants in Technical Refurbishment LLP


Their Construction

Two storey PRC frame with the external columns protected by unreinforced concrete panels. internal columns visible with PRC frame beams in first floor void & loft. The  variant with High Alumina Cement (HAC)  present in the isitu joints between PRC beams cause concern. Many now clad but hide the structural elements & gable ends to roofs can become unstable 

Existing elevation

Panels show movement has taken place

twin chimney stacks cracked & unstable.

If extensive works carried out, may need tenants decanted to treat internal concrete & upgrade internals.

Additional problems

Gable ends unsafe

 The pike to the roof can become unstable & flat roof variants with HAC are a high risk

Proprietry cladding fixed

Specific cladding for structural strength

Improved aesthetics & durability currently in excess of 15 years with little maintenance

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