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Up dated 8th November 2011



A levelling insulation is stuck on before the full depth polystyrene insulation is fixed. A render carrier mesh & acrylic light weight render is applied

Dry cladding system


The support system takes the insulation between & cladding finish



The first floor is clad in PVCu  planks with a simulated spar stone dash finish on the groundfloor over the insulation

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BISF ( steel) houses

Their steel structure is hidden in the cavity beneath the old steel first floor cladding panels or the render on the  ground. floor.

Localised areas such as the bases are prone to corrosion that can be severe in locations.

First floor cladding panel bolts may rust out.The GF render has been applied to a metal lathe which is fixed to very small section rails that are attached to the steel structure with metal clips . In exposed conditions these all become vulnerable to corrosion.

Asbestolux roof covering over the steel trusses has to be removed carefully

Window  subframes may be galvanised  robust steel sections.

Most structural steelwork may still be coated with the original primer


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