Up dated 8th November 2011
MBE Consultants in Technical Refurbishment LLP

Airey house

Their Construction

Concrete PRC posts within the cavity @ 450 centres, including window mullions with shiplap PRC cladding panels to semi detached dwellings.

Steel FF joists bolted at ground & first floor junction of posts including internal spine wall.

The post feet have been the weakness & repairs may have been undertaken, but with such small section posts they are vulnerable to structural deterioration

Sample survey externally

Panels can be removed individually

Replacement with innovative fixings better than original copper wire!.

Concentrated inspection of all post feet

Alternative masonry replacement

External concrete all removed

 First floor  rooms & roof retained. New external walls need tenants to be decanted so that internal props & refurbishment take place.

Opportunity to put in downstairs cloakroom to  meet modern requirements

Proprietry cladding fixed

MBE Frames & cladding for structural strength

Structural frames & load transfer brackets with insulation fixed externally with tenants remaining in place.

Structural cladding  gives durability  in excess of 20 years with NO maintenance
Lintels can be introduced so defective concrete mullions can be removed in all windows.

As existing windows are not wide enough as a means of escape in the event of a fire its imperitative that at least one window mullion is removed.

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